Seeburg Jukebox KD200 Made 1957

by the J. P. Seeburg Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Plays 100 45 RPM 7" vinyl records (200 selections). Selections are made by pushing buttons on the front panel. The record titles are displayed on a rotating drum. The speaker grille is decorated with three tail fins from a Cadillac car, complete with tail lights. A very collectable machine. Painstakingly restored in every detail. In working order. (Note: The record playing mechanism is not shown in these photos as it was being serviced at the time.)

Price AU$ 7,800

Seeburg Jukebox KD200 Made 1957 Left View
Seeburg Jukebox KD200 Made 1957 Back Open View
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Height 56.5" Width 34.9" Depth 27.0" Weight 374 lbs approx.
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